Our Mission

To provide an exemplary, diverse education allowing each student to become a productive and contributing member of a changing society.

New Intake

  • Opening on Chaitra/Baisakh


About Siddhartha AcademyWe are planning on strengthening our relationship with the local. The school is privately run, and most students' parents pay a monthly fee. Most children come from the area around the school, and their parents are generally farmers, laborers, shop keepers and the like. Some students receive scholarships, which mean they receive education for free. The school only uses books and is in need of practical educational material, including library books, equipment for science, games, library books, and some computers. Siddhartha Academy is committed to contribute either funds or (second-hand) educational materials to this school

Although the literacy rate of children in Nepal has substantially risen over time, access to quality education is still unavailable to many people in rural areas like Bhaktpur. Through education, children can play an active role in shaping their own lives, contribute to their community and promote changes to benefit their country.

About Siddhartha AcademySiddhartha Academy has planned to provide non-formal educational programmers to children through basic literacy classes and different functional training activities, is particular to girls and children between five and 15, by facilitating resources, administration and venues. The aim is to educate through local teachers only.

I look forward to meeting all the students and their parents. I am always available to meet to discuss school issues or the individual progress of any student with parents, guardians, and the students themselves. Our excellent counselors and support staff make themselves available at all times to assist in designing and implementing effective school plans for our students.

The 2064/2065 school year promises to be one of our best yet. Please consider becoming part of Siddhartha Academy family by joining or volunteering for help with school events. I look forward to seeing you at our wonderful sports, musical, educational, and entertainment events that the school presents each school year.