Our Mission

To provide an exemplary, diverse education allowing each student to become a productive and contributing member of a changing society.

New Intake

  • Opening on Chaitra/Baisakh

Welcome to Academy

Siddhartha Academy was founded by Mrs. Aishworya Bista in 2051/2052.under her keen and competent eyes the school blossomed.

Along the way the school has reached several milestones, grown and changed over time and acquired a special place in the hearts of the people of Bhaktapur. Siddhartha Academy is located at Katunje, which is located 18 kilo meter from Kathmandu. Read more »

Inspirational: Courageous Women Behind

Courageous WomanI wish to extend my deepest gratitude to Miss Elizabeth Flaking founder of Mahendra Bhawan School, for inspiring to start Siddhartha Academy, she was my idol, she taught me to work hard and work for welfare for needy people specially in education sector, as a foreigner Miss Flaking contributed lots in the field of education, it is great pleasure for me today that I am accelerating on my mission and I am thankful to my friends and relatives and special gratitude to my late husband Col Ram Bista, who always encourage me to establish Siddhartha Academy to set an example in education sector, I firmly believe, have a great positive effect on local community.

“I never raised with gender standards where boys do this and girls do that. It never occurred to me that women could not go out and do the same thing as men”