Our Mission

To provide an exemplary, diverse education allowing each student to become a productive and contributing member of a changing society.

New Intake

  • Opening on Chaitra/Baisakh

Parent Involvement

School ActivitiesAt Siddhartha Academy High School, we believe that parent involvement and support of our students’ academic achievement is crucial to the improved and ongoing achievement of the students. Therefore, this policy has been developed by the school with the help of parents.

Parents often think that being involved with there child’s schooling means the parent must physically be at the school assisting in some way. While there are opportunities for this type of involvement at our school, we understand that with busy schedules many parents cannot be involved in that way. The most important and often the most effective support a parent can give are through the supervision of student’s time at home.

Just as parent expects schools to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment, schools expect parents to support their children’s learning in a variety of ways, such as monitoring attendance, homework completion and time spent watching television.

About Siddhartha AcademyThe aim of the school is to develop every aspect of the child’s personality so that students are not just literate but educated in the true sense of the word. We provide an enriched and open environment where the student teacher interaction is informal yet a high degree of discipline is maintained. We believe it is important to teach a child, but it is even more important to make him want to learn. Our accent is on imparting critical skills rather than a lot of information.