Our Mission

To provide an exemplary, diverse education allowing each student to become a productive and contributing member of a changing society.

New Intake

  • Opening on Chaitra/Baisakh

Visit Siddhartha Academy

Visitors are very welcome at the Siddhartha Academy. If you have the opportunity to visit you can see for yourself where the children live, and how they are cared for. The children normally attend school six days of the week.

Also, if you are thinking of possibly donating some goods in kind, or money, visiting SA is a good way to assess how you can make a Difference to the lives of the children, and how your money might be best spent.

Please contact us through the Contact number and email address to arrange your visit.

It is the mission of Siddhartha Academy to provide an academically challenging education in a nurturing environment to students with a variety of talents and abilities. It is the mission of the school that students develop a sense of self-worth and respect for others from diverse backgrounds. It is the mission of Siddhartha Academy to help each student become an emotionally healthy and physically fit individual with a lifelong love of learning.

Long Term Objective

School ActivitiesThe needs of any organization change over time and taking into consideration the needs of current and future generations. In particular, the School had three long term objectives, firstly to generate a second multi-purpose sports surface on campus and secondly, to generate a whole school assembly auditorium to capture the culture of the School and thirdly upgrade up to 10 plus 2 level.